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CALL (504) 858-1974  | Leading house leveling contractor in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ace House Leveling can level and repair slab houses, foundation repairs. Our family and company have been serving locals & homeowners in and around New Orleans for more than 40 years. Our New Orleans house leveling contractors near me have the experience and know-how to handle house leveling and foundation repairs correctly and cost-effectively, fortifying your home and its longevity.

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Need a new Orleans house Lift? Want the best value for your investment? We believe in Old fashioned referrals, which are a big part of our business, It allows us to keep our prices low and reinforce our 5 Star Commitment to High level good old fashion customer service and satisfaction. ACE HOUSE LEVELING promises your innovative residential and commercial elevation house leveling systems, which will raise your home or office in New Orleans to the correct and proper height. We stand behind our word & or work take great pride in earning your trust.

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CALL (504) 858-1974 | We will inspect everything for your New Orleans home, so you know that yours on the level from the front door to the back porch. Ace House Leveling, LLC has 40 years’ worth of OTJ on-the-job training know-how and experience for New Orleans house leveling foundation repairs. Ace is the place where we do it cost-affordably- n effectively, fortifying your Louisiana’s home and its longevity. Our family – aka Ace House Leveling, LLC has been serving homeowners in and around New Orleans for more than 40 years.

Orleans for more than 40 years.

We can give you your investment the best value by keeping our overhead low. Old fashioned personal referrals are a big part of our business, allowing us to keep our prices low and reinforce our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our testimonial letters show that our customers are more than happy to refer us to their family, friends, co-workers. And We take Ace House Leveling, LLC seriously in earning your trust & business.

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Why is House Leveling So Important?

Get a Solid Foundation! Your home is only as solid as its foundation! A slowly sinking place is prone to several problems that will inevitably worsen without proper attention. Moving foundations will ultimately lead to bowing floors & cracking walls and an increasingly unstable foundation. They will not only reduce the value of your home, but they can also prevent future remodeling and updating, making maintaining your home a nightmare.

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New Orleans Hurricane tie-downs are what you need before the next storm

CALL (504) 858-1974 | Leading house leveling contractor in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ace House Leveling can level and repair slab houses, foundation repairs. Were YOUR Foundation Repair pros- were the go-to contractor for pier and beam homeowners that need to get their own house Leveled in New Orleans, LA. Our team has completed hundreds of home base leveling projects over the past decade, along with inspecting the foundations of the unlimited pier and beam houses in the New Orleans area. There are a couple of Orleans Shoring distinct ways using concrete blocks placed on top of existing woodpiles or new pilings installed. To level your beam and home pier, and over the years, we’ve developed a systematic house leveling process that is very powerful. We are sensible and pay attention once we are working through the house leveling process; when we talk about the job with you, we strive our very best to allow you to know what to anticipate. Ace House Leveling understands if you’re on a tight budget not fun for anyone. We do and cannot determine all of the structural foundation problems that are rotten until we inspect the job, Foundation Repair, and House Leveling & Shoring Company in Louisiana. Best house leveling in New Orleans, LA


CALL (504) 858-1974 | Ace House Level Foundation Repair and House Leveling & Shoring Company in Louisiana Licensed Contractors providing services in New Orleans. That Ensure the water from your roof flows away from your home’s foundation is critical! Residents can lose their houses and their businesses or suffer substantial financial losses due to flooding and water damage. SHORING CONTRACTOR in New Orleans, New Orleans requires anchoring and tie-downs to make specific they are not raised or moved by water and wind. Having sufficient anchoring and security for your home ensures that it is protected from the elements and can help prevent your home from becoming; the kinds of anchoring or tie-down required can differ from house to residence. We’ve assisted numerous homeowners protected their mobile and manufactured homes during the year, successfully helping many prevent catastrophic damage to their homes and property during extreme weather events. Our qualified team of foundation experts can assist you in keeping your house safe.

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Perhaps more beams and blocks need to be added beneath the load-bearing walls to attempt to straighten out the 100-year-old subfloor. Or maybe we noticed that a number of the flooring joists could not support the weight of the home in a specific area, so we suggest reinforcing them with more cubes and sills or floor joists, etc.


Structural beams like sills and floor joists are insect-eaten or rotted due to poor ventilation causing the house to move ahead with the leveling. We can’t inspect what we cannot see, so a lot of times, rot replacement is an additional charge on top of the initial estimate. All the rot replacement is paid for since the work is finished with the homeowner supplying the Material. More often than not, the New Orlena’s homeowner and the house mover have contributed a reasonable price to replace a 12-foot section of the sill or floor joists. (It usually could cost $35-45/linear foot more or less changing 12 feet sections at a time, and about $150 for a 12 ft floor joist replacement together with the homeowner paying for the Material).

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If the sill is about the exterior wall and it is noticed the rim joist is rotten, we’ll change out this as well. The rim joist is changed, plus a $ fee is added into the change sequence. When changing structural beams to the outside wall, the homeowner often must employ a siding contractor to replace the siding where the sills/rim joist were mended. The siding has to be removed to replace the beams correctly. The rotted floor joist is not eliminated from the flooring system as some of its integrity might still be helping encourage the ground. If the homeowner wants the older beams eliminated, the labor prices will be corrected accordingly.

Wind Safety

​The force of strong winds may move a manufactured home off of its foundation or even lift the house in some instances. This doesn’t bode well for your house, its base, or its occupants. Anchors and tie-downs are essential to keep the home secured and prevent movement and lift in the most intense winds. Mobile and manufactured homes require several kinds of tie-downs dependent on the year of manufacture and the size. For newer houses that are more durable, anchoring may be used alone to protect the home. It is essential to always consult with an expert to ascertain whether your home has sufficient protection against the lateral and uplift winds. Insufficient tie-down or anchoring can result in dangerous or disastrous situations. If you want to know how to protect your mobile better or manufactured home, give Foundation Repair Louisiana a telephone.


Ensuring that any tie-downs or anchors are properly installed can be equally important as making sure that you have the ideal types of anchoring and tie for your home. Foundation Repair Louisiana provides home anchoring and tie-down services to ensure that homeowners have access to specialist assistance securing and protecting their homes from floods and high winds. We are a trusted Louisiana New Orleans house leveling company with 40 years of combined expertise in foundation repairs and services. We understand how to help our customers maintain their homes safe from damage and disasters. We recognize the value of helping our clients.


If we are leveling your home and we are not replacing your foundation, then you likely won’t have to find a permit. On the flip side, if we’re lifting your home, there’s a process that needs to be followed. Most often, it begins with a call to your city’s codes and zoning department. They will have an upgraded flood map and will have the ability to inform you whether you are in a flood zone or not. Suppose you’re in a flood zone but have not ever flooded. In that case, it’s essential to at least comply with the new flood zone regulations and purchase an elevation certificate from a certified surveyor. When the surveyor has put up a benchmark to your property, the house lifter can take a look at the elevation certification and correctly price the occupation. So, you do not necessarily have to get a permit for leveling a house but may want to receive one if the base is becoming replaced as in a lift and degree.

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This skeleton framing gives the contour, support, and frame for the outside fixtures of the home. Knowing which parts are crucial from the framing is necessary not to undermine and damage its power when performing any renovation work. Going with the ideal structures framing contractors you can trust is essential for your security and security. Every single home has a skeleton or a frame which gives it its shape and structure. This is matching together substances to achieve that. Lately, modern houses have now begun to utilize steel framing. However, the majority of the house on the marketplace today rely on wood.

Ace House Leveling Foundation Repair Service FAQ

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What’s INCLUDED The material cost contains the blocks, pads, termite shields, shims, braces, and temporary sticks to acquire the range of work completed. Suppose Material isn’t included in the purchase price. In that case, the homeowner shall cover all materials used on the job, generally could range ranging between $880 and $1590 with tax and shipping charges more or less. We would charge a $ fee delivery to all jobs that we deliver the pads and blocks for.


We’ll place temporary strong-backs in which the initial articles weren’t so that the carpenter or homeowner can prepare the permanent posts. No jacks or jacking should be required if the carpenter cuts the pieces only long enough to be beaten straight with a sledgehammer, allowing the temporary brace to lose as the post is tapped into its final place. So, it’s a great idea to connect with a plumbing business and let them know about your project to be on board with you and understand that our schedule. Nobody wants to go without water, sewer, or gas for a very long time after leaving with our gear. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer or know precisely how you wish to cut the pipes, we always suggest the lines professionally cut on the pipes where he feels that he would like to cut them.

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If your house has an overhead provider, you often do not have to disconnect your power. However, if your home is shielded from an underground power supply, then a bond involving the power company, your electrician, and the lifting crew will need to get organized. Most good electricians have relationships with the energy company, and if you don’t have an electrician, the electricity company or your license office can recommend you. It’s a good idea to allow the power company to know about your project and your plans at least three days before we start the job. Zipcodes: 70157 70158 70159 70163 70176 70177 70178 70032 70043 70112 70113 70114 70115 70116 70152 70153 70154 70156 70146 70148 70150 70151 70124 70125 70126 70117 70118 70119 70122 70127 70128 70129 70130 70161 70165 70166 70164 70172 70174 70175 70167 70170 70162 70179 70182 70184 70185 70186 70131 70139 70187 70189 70190 70195 70458 7046.

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