Foundation Repair Kenner LA

What is Foundation Repair?

Louisiana is not unfamiliar with foundation crack repair. Subsidence and foundation failure are very common in southern Louisiana due to its location. Ace house leveling is a specialist in home foundation repair, no matter if it’s residential, commercial, wood frame, or concrete slab. Ace House Leveling can quickly repair any foundation issues in your home.

Foundation problems

Many houses in this area are built on foundations that are not suitable for the soil conditions. Homes are built on poor land because it lacks the necessary bearing capacity to support their heavy weight.

Additionally, clay soils in our region tend to expand and contract, adding further stress to your home. Moisture in soil can fluctuate due to poor drainage, vegetation (roots), plumbing leaks, evaporation and wet/dry rainfall cycles.

Foundations that are slab-on-grade rely on the soil’s topmost layers for sufficient bearing capacity to support the foundation and to keep it stable. The foundation will settle if the soil bearing soil is not compacted enough before construction. Foundation cracks can be caused by all of these factors. Ace House Leveling’s foundation repair specialists are here to help.

Ace House Leveling can help you find the root cause of foundation problems and repair your home’s foundation.

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About Kenner

Kenner, like other American cities, is also one where foundation problems are a problem. Academy house leveling provides foundation repair services in Kenner. Foundation repair is a problem that many people face in Kenner. You should know that foundation repair Kenner is required if you notice any signs that your foundation may be at risk. Foundation problems can cause irreversible damage if you don’t address them immediately. You must be aware of foundation issues in your buildings. Keep track of all signs on floors, walls, and doors.

What are the signs that my foundation needs to be repaired?

These are the factors that will tell you that you should hire a foundation repair company:

  1. Doors that are stuck or not opening or closing smoothly
  2. Walls cracking and splitting
  3. Floor cracking or tile
  4. Windows is stuck and won’t work properly
  5. Joints made of slanted mortar
  6. Stable or leaning chimneys

These are all reasons to have foundation repairs. These factors should be notified to a Kenner foundation repair professional. You may be in serious distress if you put off the visit. This could cause the building to crumble and damage its entire structure. You can avoid foundation problems by calling a local house leveling service. Academy house leveling is the best foundation repair in Kenner.

Elevation and Levelling of houses

Sometimes our house is lower than the road level. This can lead to foundation problems. If your house is lower than the road, water can enter your home during the rainy season. Academy house leveling in Kenner can help you elevate your building and eliminate the problems caused by lower foundations. Academy house leveling in Kenner will solve your sinking problem permanently before your building sinks.

Choosing an experienced house-leveling contractor

You can do the most good for your foundation by hiring an experienced contractor to repair it. Professional foundation repair can help you address any foundation problems that could pose a danger to your building’s stability and structure.

Numerous fraudulent companies are stealing the Kenner people’s money by promising them super-services. These scammers are not qualified to fix your foundation. They may pretend to be fixing your foundation, but in reality they won’t.

Complete foundation inspection of your Kenner building. If you discover any issues with the foundation of house-leveling, please contact us immediately.

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“ACE HOUSE LEVELING’S Foundation fix administrations in Assumption Parish are quality, Rebecca is trustworthy, solid, and keeps up a high uprightness house leveling organization, with the skill to carry out the responsibility right the first run through. I strongly suggest Rebecca and her organization in Assumption Parish for house leveling and establishment fix development.”

Tom Arnold

five star review

“Rebecca and Victor, We would like to give Ace House Leveling special recognition regarding our family home located in Assumption Parish. Your crew arrived in a timely manner to complete the work agreed upon. You kept the lines of communication open with your progress. We are grateful for your understanding of the long distance payment process. Once you learned that additional work had to be done with stabilization, your crew was back on site getting the work done without delay. Some companies who complete a job and learn of additional work needed, do not make it a priority to get back out in a timely manner. Your commitment to this project in improving the longevity of our home is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
Mrs. Janice P. Sider (Atlanta, GA)
Dr. Jeanine A. Jackson (Atlanta, GA)

Jeanine Jackson

five star review

“I hired Ace House Leveling after a review of 5 local contractors mostly found through Angie’s List. I was able to go view some of Ace House Leveling work in progress at another job site which gave me satisfaction in the skills and work ethic. Ace replaced 7 piers, added two additional 12 foot support beams with six piers, replaced the sill along the rear of my home which had been damaged and causing sagging. Additionally, they leveled my home at the rear. They cleaned up well and they repositioned my patio pavers that had to be temporarily removed to dig the new footings. I am very impressed with their work ethic; the job has been well done. All of this work only took them 5 days, which they worked at consistently every day. They weren’t spreading their resources between multiple job sites stretching out time to completion. They truly worked hard. I’d recommend them to anyone.

Jay Burris

five star review

“We just moved to Assumption Parish and we lucked into Ace as our foundation inspector during the preliminary phase of purchasing a new home. Brent did a thorough job and explained everything to us, unfortunately the first home was too damaged, and we had to move on. We called Brent again as he was so informative for out next inspection. Brent explained the minor repair work that was needed and after closing on the new house his brother Peyton spent four days repointing some bricks in our foundation. Peyton also worked on the crumbling mortar on the inside fireplace, fixing an older hideous looking repair job. He then took the left over cement and fixed a railing outside and smoothed some brick work in the back yard at no addition cost. I highly recommend Ace and Brent and Peyton in particular.”

C Knutson

five star review

We’re Committed to Flawless Work and Complete Customer Satisfaction

We work closely with our clients every step of the way so that they fully understand what we need to do to complete the job properly. We take great care to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our work. After all, there is no room for error when it comes to house leveling and foundation repairs. When you need quality service, we will get the job done right.

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