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How To Tell When You Will Need a Chalmette Lousianna Foundation Repair Contractor?

Ace House Leveling is a local Chalmette LA, family-owned foundation repair, house raising and shoring company with over 50 years experience raising & leveling houses and repairing. Ace House Leveling can level and repair slab houses, foundations, porches, piers, sills, termite damage, and more. Keep your house structurally sound by hiring our Foundation Contractor in Chalmette LA, LA.

Sloping floors, cracks in walls, windows that will not open doors and doors which are hard to close and open are signs that your house needs to be leveled. There are lots of reasons why your house might need leveling. The most typical are water issues, soil issues, and low quality of materials from the foundation. Water issues are the biggest problem with the foundation of a house. Irregular drainage or no drainage whatsoever is usually the biggest culprit. If water isn’t draining properly, it can erode soil as well as soften the dirt.

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We’re a highly rated foundation repair company near Chalmette , and we handle our customers’ houses as though they were our own. We provide solutions for the following common foundation problems.

Secure Your Property with Foundation Repair Services in Chalmette , LA

Sticking doors and windows, sagging floors and cracking walls are not only warning signs of an unstable foundation – they pose a serious risk to your safety.

Sticking doors and windows, sagging floors and cracking walls are not only warning signs of an unstable foundation – they pose a serious risk to your safety.

Don’t wait until the problem gets worse or somebody gets hurt! The expert team at Ace House Leveling, LLC has years of experience identifying foundation issues and providing the necessary modifications and repairs needed to protect your property and ensure your safety. We focus on providing affordable and long-lasting solutions for residential and commercial properties.

ACE HOUSE LEVELING Our staff is trained to make sure we’ve got the best repair process set up and to explore your foundation. We will thoroughly explain the problem and solution, so you understand what we will do before we begin any work. You might be asking yourself; what kind of issues can your base have?


Happens when the soil under your house is not capable of supporting the weight of the house and this foundation. The reason for this is normally one of two things: water gets the ground to be not able to support the foundation the type of soil is not able to support the weight. Some warning signs of base settlement are cracks in your bricks, occasionally in a routine, and doors or chimney sticking when you open or shut them. These indications happen when the base putting a strain on the remainder of your home and the foundation and is sinking in one area.


The two types of piers are helical piers and push piers. The push piers are inserted a few feet at a time using a press, and they move down to bedrock to offload your home’s weight onto the piers from the soil. These work best in what is softer soil and are utilized when we don’t think the dirt could be able to support your home properly. The helical piers perform the task. They are shaped with threads like a twist that was huge and will be able to support weight and also don’t need to be installed as far down as push piers. They’re installed until we’re sure they can support the weight, by screwing them and the base is rested on them.

Irrespective of the dock choice, they serve the same purpose: to support the weight of your home and protect against future settlement.

House Leveling in Chalmette, Louisiana

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How much does it cost to replace the foundation of a house or home near you?

The range in Chalmette Louisiana can be anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 to $100,000, on top of the initial cost of lifting and it can include such costs as excavation in LA, grading, equipment fees in LA, construction permits, and the cost of a structural engineer near you.
The type of foundation you choose is of key importance if you’re experiencing failure.

How long does foundation repair last in Chalmette , Louisiana?

Your local repair process can take as few as 2-3 days but be ready for longer durations if the damage is extensive. There is no way to tell until the damages of your house can be looked at and inspected in person. The costs vary depending on the location and extent of damage, and type of home.

How do you know if your Lousianna homes foundation is bad?

The 8 Most Common Signs of Foundation Problems Include:

  1. Chalmette Foundation Cracks, Wall/Floor Cracks, and Other Types Of Fractures:
    Chalmette Foundation Settling Or Sinking. …
  2. Chalmette Foundation Upheaval. …
  3. Doors That Stick Or Don’t Open And Close Properly. …
  4. Gaps Around Window Frames Or Exterior Doors. …
  5. Sagging Or Uneven Floors.

We’re Committed to Creating Satisfied Customers

Below are real reviews from some of the many customers we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

The first company I called tried to sell me a new foundation. ACE found that I had some termite damage. They replaced the damaged beams for a fraction of the price. ACE House Leveling is an honest company.

Chrishawn Dupuy

Five Star Review

I hired Ace House Leveling after a review of 5 local contractors mostly found through Angie’s List. I was able to view some of Ace House Leveling work in progress at another job site, which gave me satisfaction in the skills and works ethic. Ace replaced seven piers, added two additional 12-foot support beams with six piers, replaced the sill along the rear of my home which had been damaged and causing sagging. Additionally, they leveled my home at the rear. They cleaned up well, and they re-positioned my patio pavers that had to be temporarily removed to dig the new footings. I am very impressed with their work ethic, and the job has been well done. All of this work only took them five days, which they worked consistently every day. They weren’t spreading their resources between multiple job sites stretching out time to completion. They truly worked hard. I’d recommend them to anyone.

Jay Burris

Five Star Review

We just moved to Algiers   LA, and we lucked into Ace as our foundation inspector during the preliminary phase of purchasing a new home. Brent did a thorough job and explained everything to us. Unfortunately, the first home was too damaged, and we had to move on. We called Brent again as he was so informative for our next inspection. Brent explained the minor repair work that was needed, and after closing on the new house, his brother Peyton spent four days repointing some bricks in our foundation. Peyton also worked on the crumbling mortar on the inside fireplace, fixing an older hideous looking repair job. He then took the leftover cement and fixed a railing outside and smoothed some brickwork in the back yard at no additional cost. I highly recommend Ace and Brent and Peyton in particular.

C Knutson

Five Star Review

Awesome job! Used Ace House Leveling for the remodel of my house a couple of months ago, and the results were even better than I had imagined. Everyone I worked within the company was so helpful and more than a pleasure to work with. I would suggest Ace House Leveling to anyone looking to remodel or repair the foundation of their house.

Elena Benner

Five Star Review

Ace house leveling did an awesome job… I’d recommend them to anyone I know

Sherri Flores

Five Star Review

I was impressed with the honesty of Ace House Leveling and Foundation Repair. Unfortunately, you don’t see this enough from contractors. I was worried I had a major issue to address and their inspection was thorough and honest. I would recommend to anyone who needs a professional opinion!

Tammy P

Five Star Review

They came when they said they would, which is unusual for most contractors, did the job as promised for a reasonable fee. I would use them again.

Mrs. Bockman

Five Star Review

Arrived on time each day. Kept informed about what was being done. Cleaned up when finished and during the job. Was finished on schedule. The crew was friendly and polite. I would recommend them to anyone.

Jim Cambell

Five Star Review

We’re Committed to Flawless Work and Complete Customer Satisfaction

We work closely with our clients every step of the way so that they fully understand what we need to do to complete the job properly. We take great care to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our work. After all, there is no room for error when it comes to house leveling and foundation repairs. When you need quality service, we will get the job done right.

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