Is It Worth It to Repair My Foundation?

Is It Worth It to Repair My Foundation?

Without a doubt.

Yes, that’s the short answer. If your foundation is showing signs of distress, you need to get it repaired. It is vital to improve your house’s foundation if it shows signs of distress. Home Improvement Repairs to your home in New Orleans are expensive, and high-quality foundation repairs can be costly. You might be asking yourself: Is it worth spending significant amounts of money on something that is not visible?

Foundation cracks indicate developing foundation damage.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “crack?” Do you find it soothing or reassuring? Are you confident that the item will be in good shape? Let’s assume that the answers are “no.” It doesn’t matter what caused the sound; cracking usually indicates something is breaking. Your foundation is no exception; it won’t crack without reason and is usually a sign that something needs to be fixed. This cracking is most caused by hydrostatic pressure or settling.

Hydraulic Pressure

Hydraulic pressure refers to the pressure created by water inundating your property. As it absorbs water, the soil expands and takes up more physical area. If the soil has more water than it can absorb, it exerts pressure on everything in its path to find a suitable place. Your foundation is a “dam” that keeps water out of your house. It can become a pressure point that could eventually cause the foundation to crack or fail. This can let water in and eventually cause damage to the wood. The wood in your home can become a breeding ground for termites and other insects if it gets wet. Your entire home’s flooring structure (sill plate and beams, joists, etc.) is made of wood, which is often how floors droop.

Uneven Settlement

Over time, your house will settle. Nature is at work. The ground slowly sinks a massive structure like a home, and this happens very slowly. A variety of factors can cause this. Maybe the dirt underneath the house wasn’t appropriately compacted before construction. The dirt underneath the house may have layers of soil with different compositions that move more quickly. There may even be erosion under the foundation of the house. It doesn’t matter what the reason is; a corner or a piece of a home might settle quicker than the rest.

The overall structure of your house is affected when settling happens at different rates. A home is constructed of solid concrete, steel, or wood elements. These components are not meant to be flexible. They will move if gravity pulls against them with an unbalanced force. They can break, tear, twist, and distort. You can see this in doorways and other areas of the structure. You might need to inspect them for signs of settlement to make sure your foundation isn’t being damaged.

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