Why do my doors and windows stick?

Why do my doors and windows stick? The soil's water content is affected by seasonal changes, including significant temperature variations and rainfall. Excessive evaporation can negatively impact your New Orleans, LA home, especially during the dry season. However, drainage problems in the wet season can significantly affect your home's ability to drain water. Extreme soil [...]

Why do basements flood

Why do basements flood? Rain and water pooling around the foundation are two leading causes of flooding basements. Basement flooding is most often caused by rain, particularly during heavy rainfalls or hurricane season. Hydrostatic pressure is when water seeps into your soil and pools around your foundation. With enough stress and repeated rains, all that [...]

Is my Foundation Cracking Serious

Is my Foundation Cracking Serious? It can be difficult to notice a foundation crack and feel worried. There are many types of foundation cracks. Some are serious and should be repaired, others are not. We are here to help you understand the various types of crawlspace and basement wall cracks near New Orleans LA, you [...]

How to prevent mold in your basement

How to prevent mold in your basement What is one of the first things you think about when you think of your home's basement? Many Louisiana homes in New Orleans have finished basements, which can be used for additional living or recreational space. Others are just used for home storage and utility. Regardless of what [...]