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How To Tell When You Will Need a New Orleans Lousianna Foundation Repair Contractor?

Ace House Leveling is a local New Orleans LA, family-owned foundation repair, house raising and shoring company with over 50 years experience raising & leveling houses and repairing. Ace House Leveling can level and repair slab houses, foundations, porches, piers, sills, termite damage, and more. Keep your house structurally sound by hiring our Foundation Contractor in New Orleans LA, LA.

Sloping floors, cracks in walls, windows that will not open doors and doors which are hard to close and open are signs that your house needs to be leveled. There are lots of reasons why your house might need leveling. The most typical are water issues, soil issues, and low quality of materials from the foundation. Water issues are the biggest problem with the foundation of a house. Irregular drainage or no drainage whatsoever is usually the biggest culprit. If water isn’t draining properly, it can erode soil as well as soften the dirt.

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Protect Your Home Today: (504) 858-1974

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cost for a foundation repair or house leveling estimate?

A. The estimate is free! Fill out our contact form to set up a free consultation with one of our many experienced representatives.

Q. Does a person need to be home during the repair process?

A. Yes, Usually, we recommend that someone is home during the repair process.

Q. How can I find out if I have foundation problems?

A. Cracks around the outside of your house around the ceiling or walls inside could mean your properties foundations are shifting. Other indications might include doors that stick or no longer closes. ACE HOUSE LEVELING offer a free consultation and will be able to help determine whether you have a substantial foundation or soil problems. Following your free consultation, ACE HOUSE LEVELING explain the correct options for correcting and repairing your foundation.

Q. What causes foundation problems beneath my Louisiana home?

A. Multiple factors go into foundation and concrete problems around your house. Weak soil and voids caused by wet moisture issues beneath your home’s foundation can lead to shifting sinking, and fluctuation in your property foundation. These issues are related to things like poor drainage control and soil settlement over time.

Q. How can I avoid foundation repairs living in Louisiana

A. We do recommend proper home maintenance to keep the value of your home high and the cost of any unforeseen repairs low. Some common and good maintenance practices are ongoing home inspections, leak detections testing conservative lawn and flowerbed irrigation, and lawn tree root maintenance (close to the home). In areas across the United States that experience drought and high rainfall, as we do in Lousiana, we recommend talking to a geotechnical engineer to discuss existing soil conditions that may affect your concrete foundation.

Q. Will there be damage to my front yard or lawn landscaping?

A. The injection process involves using strategically placed, penny-sized injection holes to install our polymers. When ACE HOUSE LEVELING  injection is performed to exterior structures for soil stabilization, we take care to cause little to no disturbance of your yard or landscaping

Q. Will the home improvement foundation repairs reduce the value of my Louisiana home?

A. Usually, local foundation repair will help you avoid future home devaluation and more costly repairs down the road. Foundation repair and concrete lifting should not negatively impact your property or home value.

Q. Can I still sell my house after having a home improvement foundation repairs in Louisiana?

A. Yes. ACE HOUSE LEVELING  repairs are long-lasting and stable. Ask about a 3rd party engineering report that details the repairs you have received from ACE HOUSE LEVELING.

Q. What is the environmental impact in Lousiana?

A. ACE HOUSE LEVELING  polymer is guaranteed to meet or exceed environmental requirements. We take pride in maintaining NSF 61 certification and our product is even safe around public water sources. Our materials and processes have passed and exceeded numerous environmental tests requested by state and federal organizations and agencies.

Q. Do the ACE HOUSE LEVELING  foundation repairs or house lifting and house leveling services present any risk to plumbing or electrical wiring?

A. ACE HOUSE LEVELING  technicians are trained to install our patented polymer in a non-invasive, efficient way. We will not disturb plumbing or electrical wiring. Work is controlled from a fully equipped, self-contained mobile unit parked outside your residence.

Q. Does ACE HOUSE LEVELING offer a warranty or guarantee?

A. Yes, speak with your local affiliate to find out the details.

Q. How long will the home foundation repairs last?

A. The foundation repairs usually last for the lifetime of your home. ACE HOUSE LEVELING  polymer is strong, resilient, insoluble, and highly resistant to long-term degradation. We do recommend proper ongoing home maintenance to support the life expectancy of injections. Some good and common maintenance practices are annual home inspections, leak detection testing, conservative lawn and flowerbed irrigation, and tree root maintenance (close to the home).

Q. How long does the home foundation repairs or house leveling process take?

A. It Depends. 2 -10 days; Please contact us for more information. Most home foundations can be restored in one day.


We’re a highly rated foundation repair company near New Orleans, and we handle our customers’ houses as though they were our own. We provide solutions for the following common foundation problems.

Hydrostatic pressure is a term used to describe a climbing or high water table. In New Orleans, water tables can differ radically depending on rainfall levels. If the water table rises enough, water can come through cracks in the floor or round the perimeter, at the floor and wall seam. Basement waterproofing relieves the hydrostatic pressure and prevents water from entering the basement.

Exterior water issues include standing water in the lawn, water coming in over the surface of the foundation, downspouts dumping alongside the base and window wells filling up. Correcting the yard grade, installing French drains and extending downspouts can be powerful and easy solutions to those problems.

Foundation fractures can happen for several reasons. Not all cracks are structural issues, and often, simple epoxy or urethane shots can be administered to stop water from entering the basement. If cracks widen, run diagonally or horizontally, they then might be a symptom of a bigger problem, and further structural repairs might be needed.

Cracks in brick and mortar, along with drywall cracking, maybe a consequence of the base movement. This sort of movement frequently occurs after heavy rainfall or during periods of drought and high temperatures. Additional damage may consist of windows and doors not functioning properly or sticking. You could also notice massive cracks in the soil at this time. We are devoted to piering foundations which may be needed if these indicators are found.

Bowing or rectangular partitions are normally due to lateral motion caused by expanding clay soils. Expansion happens during times of heavy rains. You may notice diagonal or horizontal cracks in the basement walls. The installation of tieback anchors or soldier I Beam columns can be used to provide structural reinforcement to the base walls. In certain cases of grand soils, excavation and outside pressure relief systems may also be needed to fix the problems completely.

A foundation’s settlement can happen for various reasons. One common reason is that the shrinkage of clay soils during periods of drought. Settlement may also occur because of soil erosion or fill material not being compacted correctly. The setup of piers (helical piers or immunity piers) can be used to encourage the foundation to stop additional settlement. In certain minor cases, water management solutions might be beneficial to aid with foundation repair.

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We’re Committed to Creating Satisfied Customers

Below are real reviews from some of the many customers we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

The first company I called tried to sell me a new foundation. ACE found that I had some termite damage. They replaced the damaged beams for a fraction of the price. ACE House Leveling is an honest company.

Chrishawn Dupuy

Five Star Review

I hired Ace House Leveling after a review of 5 local contractors mostly found through Angie’s List. I was able to view some of Ace House Leveling work in progress at another job site, which gave me satisfaction in the skills and works ethic. Ace replaced seven piers, added two additional 12-foot support beams with six piers, replaced the sill along the rear of my home which had been damaged and causing sagging. Additionally, they leveled my home at the rear. They cleaned up well, and they re-positioned my patio pavers that had to be temporarily removed to dig the new footings. I am very impressed with their work ethic, and the job has been well done. All of this work only took them five days, which they worked consistently every day. They weren’t spreading their resources between multiple job sites stretching out time to completion. They truly worked hard. I’d recommend them to anyone.

Jay Burris

Five Star Review

We just moved to Algiers   LA, and we lucked into Ace as our foundation inspector during the preliminary phase of purchasing a new home. Brent did a thorough job and explained everything to us. Unfortunately, the first home was too damaged, and we had to move on. We called Brent again as he was so informative for our next inspection. Brent explained the minor repair work that was needed, and after closing on the new house, his brother Peyton spent four days repointing some bricks in our foundation. Peyton also worked on the crumbling mortar on the inside fireplace, fixing an older hideous looking repair job. He then took the leftover cement and fixed a railing outside and smoothed some brickwork in the back yard at no additional cost. I highly recommend Ace and Brent and Peyton in particular.

C Knutson

Five Star Review

Awesome job! Used Ace House Leveling for the remodel of my house a couple of months ago, and the results were even better than I had imagined. Everyone I worked within the company was so helpful and more than a pleasure to work with. I would suggest Ace House Leveling to anyone looking to remodel or repair the foundation of their house.

Elena Benner

Five Star Review

Ace house leveling did an awesome job… I’d recommend them to anyone I know

Sherri Flores

Five Star Review

Rebecca came and did my estimate and answered all my questions and helped me better understand my foundation. Very reasonable pricing. She followed up and was very friendly and courteous. It was a humbling experience dealing with them. They were very understanding.

Brandon Meyers

Five Star Review

Great experience with ACE House Leveling, Rebecca was very kind, personable, and honest. She didn’t try to upsell us on anything and told us we didn’t need any work done. Instead told us about several great preventative measures that we can take to avoid future foundation issues. Should we have any future foundation issues, we will be using ACE House Leveling and will recommend them to everyone we know!

Dan Jones

Five Star Review

I Called ace House Leveling to inspect my foundation due to seeing some cracks forming in the drywall of one of my rooms. They arrived on time, was extremely professional, and was completely honest about what he found…which luckily in my case was not a foundation issue. Not everyone will be as lucky, He could have easily said there was an issue, and with my lack of knowledge, I wouldn’t have had much to argue with. It’s difficult to find a trustworthy contractor to tell you what needs to be done, even harder to find a company with that kind of work ethic. While I am blessed, for the time being, highly suggest this company be at the top of your list as one to diagnose your issue.

Randy M

Five Star Review

We’re Committed to Flawless Work and Complete Customer Satisfaction

We work closely with our clients every step of the way so that they fully understand what we need to do to complete the job properly. We take great care to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our work. After all, there is no room for error when it comes to house leveling and foundation repairs. When you need quality service, we will get the job done right.

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