Why do my doors and windows stick?

Why do my doors and windows stick?

The soil’s water content is affected by seasonal changes, including significant temperature variations and rainfall. Excessive evaporation can negatively impact your New Orleans, LA home, especially during the dry season. However, drainage problems in the wet season can significantly affect your home’s ability to drain water.

Extreme soil moisture changes can surprisingly affect your home’s exterior and interior. Sticky doors and windows are one example of these effects. Doors and windows stick to each other when they are:

  1. The wood will swell if exposed to excess moisture or has not been sealed with the appropriate products such as special paint, varnish, and lacquer.
  2. Door/window tracks must be cleaned and lubricated.
  3. The locking mechanism fails;
  4. The hinges can become loose or misaligned.

Swollen wood can cause a stuck door or window. Once the weather’s dry, it should go away. You can repair your window tracks by cleaning, lubricating, and adjusting hinges. A broken door latch can also be replaced.

If the problem persists, even after everything has been done to fix it, it is essential to be aware that doors and windows can become stuck, indicating a problem with the foundation.

Sticky Doors and Windows are a sign of foundation issues.

Differential settlement is a phenomenon where the house’s foundation shifts, leading to changes in its frame. Any changes to a house’s frame, linked to various structural components, can strain other home parts, such as door and window frames. A foundation can shift more than it should, causing doors and windows to jam or not latch properly.

A combination of excessive moisture and a reduced groundwater content could cause foundation shifts in New Orleans, LA. Other issues, such as soil erosion and poor compaction or tree roots, could cause foundation problems.

Problems with the foundation can cause sticking windows or doors that won’t disappear on their own. Sometimes, temporary fixes such as cleaning, lubricating, or adjusting hardware can be made to allow your windows and doors open and close more easily. The foundation problem will not go away, and your foundation problem will continue to evolve. Doors and windows can stick to each other again, and lubrication and adjustment may not be enough. Other issues, such as cracks or holes in the foundation or walls, may develop over time, and this is a sign that the root cause is likely to be identified.

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Untreated foundation problems can significantly damage a New Orleans, LA property. Sometimes, damage to the foundation can lead to structural issues that make it unsafe for occupants.

New Orleans, LA contractors, are the best for diagnosing foundation problems. You can avoid further structural damage by immediately calling a skilled foundation repair contractor if you notice any foundation problems. This will help to keep your repair costs down and prevent future ones.

Other Signs Of Foundation Problems

Sometimes, sticking windows or doors can be a sign of differential settlement. A shifting foundation can lead to many other problems.

  1. Cracks in the foundation or walls
  2. Visibly uneven, sagging, and bouncy floors
  3. Separation of built-in components, such as cabinets and counters, trim, molding, or window frames, from walls;
  4. There should be no gaps between the foundation and door or window frames.
  5. Plumbing problems

Sticky doors and windows are a sign that you need to pay attention. It can be more than an inconvenience if your doors and windows don’t close smoothly. Doors and windows that stick can also cause problems with their closing and latching. This will not only impact your home’s energy efficiency, but it can also lead to increased comfort and pest infestation. Doors and windows that aren’t working correctly can harm your safety. If you need to evacuate quickly in an emergency, a stuck door or window could prevent you from getting out.

If you live in New Orleans, LA, and have sticking doors or windows, make an appointment for a foundation inspection today! Postponing foundation repairs will only make matters worse.

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