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If your home or business is sinking, it’s only a matter of time before your foundation – and your property – will be permanently damaged. We are proudly Serving the Eden Isle Metro Area Since 2005! Foundation. Our Clients About Our Clients Who Inspire Us to Come To Work Every Day. Our Contractors Have the Experience to Handle Foundation Repairs. Contact Us—40+ Years of Experience. Request A Free Estimate. Lifetime Warranties. Highlights: Expert Foundation Repair Team, Free On-Site Inspections, Uses Modern Technology.

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We will lift raise your home anywhere in Eden Isle from a few inches to a few feet – whatever it takes to ensure that your foundation for your living in your house in Eden Isle is protected from any future sinking, cracking, or damage.

Our team can provide a permanent solution to protecting your Louisiana property through expert foundation house lifting elevation services at Ace House Leveling in Eden Isle, Louisiana.

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Experienced House Leveling Contractors in Eden Isle LA Protecting Your Property

Beware of fly-by-night contractors with no local history and inexperienced house-leveling contractors who don’t take the necessary steps to do house-leveling for your LA property correctly. Not only do we have the test equipment and a high level of attention to detail, but we go the extra mile to secure your Eden Isle property and provide countless other details that set us apart from the competition.

The First Step -Complete ACE House Leveling Foundation Repairs for Your Eden Isle Property

Before any work is done, Ace House Leveling, LLC, will perform a complete assessment of your property and foundation. Our home & property inspection in Eden Isle will ensure that we identify all issues and create the most effective action plan for protecting your property. Before any work is- done, we will provide a thorough report and estimate for your approval.

Foundation Repair | House Leveling Repair Eden Isle LA, Louisiana

We aim and work hard to satisfy our customer’s wants and needs from start to finish and take pride in our reputation as a foundation, concrete, and house leveling contractor in Eden Isle with a long list of satisfied customers. Our goal and pledge as your foundation, concrete, and house leveling contractor in Eden Isle, LA, is to make your project as worry-free as possible, and we believe it all starts with communication and trust. We work hard to maintain and earn your confidence by keeping our promises and keeping you informed throughout the project.

Full-Service Concrete Leveling, House leveling lifting, Raising & Repairs. Local, Trusted, Reputable Experts | Foundation repair FREE ESTIMATES.

Call Today. BBB Accredited. Types: Brick House Shoring Eden Isle, SLA, Concrete Elevation, Pier, Beam, Structural. Residential and Commercial Eden Isle Louisiana Foundation Repair. ACE IS THE PLACE Locally Owned & Operated. Our strength is our quality people. From the office near you in Eden Isle to the field, our people are highly skilled in the industry.

How to Tell When You Will Need a Eden Isle Louisiana Foundation Repair Contractor?

Ace House Leveling is a local Eden Isle LA, family-owned foundation repair, house raising, and shoring company with over 50 years’ experience raising & leveling houses and repairing. Ace House Leveling can level and repair sub houses, foundations, porches, piers, sills, termite damage, and more. Keep your home structurally sound by hiring our Foundation Contractor in Eden Isle, LA.

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house shoring

From stuck windows to sinking floors to warped walls, homeowners can see many early warning signs. Ace House Leveling Can Help With:

1) House Leveling & Repair
2) Porch Leveling & Straightening
3) Termite Damage Repair
4) Foundation Assessments
5) Foundation Repair
6) Floor Joist Repair
7) Shoring Pier Repair

Why Choose Us?

Make sure you make the right choice for your foundation repair needs. You may even find it very difficult to sell your home or get a reverse mortgage if you had the WRONG Company perform your foundation repairs. Choosing the right foundation repair house leveling company near you is extremely important!

Don’t trust your home improvement needs to just anyone Our commitment to quality means that our people undergo an extensive training program and continuous re-certification on the products and services that we offer. You could be leaving the value of your house hanging in the balance. We are a company near you in Eden Isle, LA, that uses FHA and engineer-certified approved repair methods. We foster a stress-free experience.

This approach has set us apart from our competition and keeps our customers coming back! We will help protect your investment by ensuring that your home will maintain its maximum value with our annual foundation performance inspections for ten years following your foundation repair with us.

House Leveling repairs cracked, damaged, warped, settling, and sagging floors!

Are cracks forming within your home’s concrete exterior brick?



What if you are on the lookout?

Be mindful of cracks, particularly cracks around door frames, Difficulty opening doors and windows, warped or mounted floors, and water intrusion are all signs which also point to base damage. To solve foundation issues right the first time and prevent additional problems down the line, Ace House Leveling always uncovers the base damage’s origin to resolve the matter permanently.

Shoring — First, we prepare for the house to be raised by inserting jacks and balls underneath the structure.

Detaching the Home — Next, the house- must be separated from its foundation. To minimize the damage to the home’s interior, we increase the jacks slowly and at an even rate. Final Touches –Finally, to finish the project, the temporary shoring is removed, and the leveled and reinforced structure is attached back to the foundation. Now the building will be both stable and balanced.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I know if my house needs leveling?
2) Are any of the floors in your house sloping?
3) Do you have cracks on your walls or ceilings?
4) Are you having difficulty shutting some of the doors or windows?

What’s House Leveling?

House leveling is a way to repair concrete, flooring systems can- be- put back into their original foundation structure. Leveling not only fixes the aesthetic problem with unlevel floors but also makes the home much safer to live in In Eden Isle, LA.

When you walk around the house, does the flooring make noise?

Our trained home inspectors will crawl under your house in Eden Isle to perform a thorough inspection and provide you with a FREE Inspection report to let you know some house leveling issues.

If my concrete is- cracked, can it be leveled?

Yes, but in most cases with subfloors, it may be better to focus on replacement than on leveling. We cut on the concrete from both sides of the crack and fix it with new rebar and concrete.

How Much Does House Leveling Cost?

It could be thousands. It could be several hundred dollars. Several factors need to be- considered to calculate the price: your foundation type, the Number of piers demanded, The underlying difficulty, The severity of the problem. To get the cost of repairing your home floor leveling in Eden Isle, then contact us now!

Just how long can it take to level my home?

The average house floor leveling project takes 4-6 days to finish. In Eden Isle, LA, Limited space generally takes more as this process needs to be- achieved delicately. We complete each job as quickly as we could with the best quality possible.

Will My Home insurance policy Cover House Leveling?

It Depends. Unfortunately, many homeowners frequently find that their homeowner’s insurance does not cover lots of stuff, not the least of which are foundation issues, including base deterioration brought on by poor drainage, soil conditions, and earthquakes.

We’re Committed to Flawless Work and Complete Customer Satisfaction

We work closely with our clients every step of the way to fully understand what we need to do to complete the job correctly. We take great care to ensure our customers are delighted with our work. After all, there is no room for error when it comes to house leveling and foundation repairs. When you need quality service, we will get the job done right.

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“ACE HOUSE LEVELING’S Foundation fix administrations in Eden Isle are quality, Rebecca is trustworthy, solid, and keeps up a high uprightness house leveling organization, with the skill to carry out the responsibility right the first run through. I strongly suggest Rebecca and her organization in Eden Isle for house leveling and establishment fix development.”

Tom Arnold

five star review

“Rebecca and Victor, We would like to give Ace House Leveling special recognition regarding our family home located in Eden Isle. Your crew arrived in a timely manner to complete the work agreed upon. You kept the lines of communication open with your progress. We are grateful for your understanding of the long distance payment process. Once you learned that additional work had to be done with stabilization, your crew was back on site getting the work done without delay. Some companies who complete a job and learn of additional work needed, do not make it a priority to get back out in a timely manner. Your commitment to this project in improving the longevity of our home is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
Mrs. Janice P. Sider (Atlanta, GA)
Dr. Jeanine A. Jackson (Atlanta, GA)

Jeanine Jackson

five star review

“I hired Ace House Leveling after a review of 5 local contractors mostly found through Angie’s List. I was able to go view some of Ace House Leveling work in progress at another job site which gave me satisfaction in the skills and work ethic. Ace replaced 7 piers, added two additional 12 foot support beams with six piers, replaced the sill along the rear of my home which had been damaged and causing sagging. Additionally, they leveled my home at the rear. They cleaned up well and they repositioned my patio pavers that had to be temporarily removed to dig the new footings. I am very impressed with their work ethic; the job has been well done. All of this work only took them 5 days, which they worked at consistently every day. They weren’t spreading their resources between multiple job sites stretching out time to completion. They truly worked hard. I’d recommend them to anyone.

Jay Burris

five star review

“We just moved to Eden Isle and we lucked into Ace as our foundation inspector during the preliminary phase of purchasing a new home. Brent did a thorough job and explained everything to us, unfortunately the first home was too damaged, and we had to move on. We called Brent again as he was so informative for out next inspection. Brent explained the minor repair work that was needed and after closing on the new house his brother Peyton spent four days repointing some bricks in our foundation. Peyton also worked on the crumbling mortar on the inside fireplace, fixing an older hideous looking repair job. He then took the left over cement and fixed a railing outside and smoothed some brick work in the back yard at no addition cost. I highly recommend Ace and Brent and Peyton in particular.”

C Knutson

five star review

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